Do You Have The Right Spa Software?

Posted by SkyWire Admin on Apr 24, 2019 10:52:56 AM
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Selecting the right software for your business can be a daunting task, especially if you're in a highly-specialized market, such as the spa industry. Bookings, reports, inventory, scheduling staff with unique skill sets, the list goes on and on. So, where to begin? Let's take a look some of the "must haves" when making the right choice for your spa.


Guest Experience

Does the software provide guest itineraries that can be printed and emailed? Your guests will want to know what services they are booked for and when. This will help them in planning out their ultimate spa day experience! 

Is there an option to view your guests' previous spa appointments? Having the ability to track guest history is a huge benefit for scheduling based on past experiences and recommending future services. The more you know about your guests, the more you can offer.  

Cloud Based 

Is your software accessible from anywhere or are you tethered to the office? Being cloud-based not only allows your business freedom to access information, it also can provide significant cost savings by not having to invest in dedicated servers and complicated IT infrastructure. 

Working from the cloud with web-based software also allows you to operate your system on virtually any type of personal computing device and operating system.    

Enterprise Suited 

Is this software able to be accessed from a single database and communicate throughout multiple facilities and work sites? If your spa has more than one location, this capability can save you and your employees a significant amount of time and energy.   

With an enterprise-centric software all of your locations have access to a single customer database that can be shared, allowing for redemption of gift certificates and access to customer history regardless of which spa location they have made purchases and visited. 

Online eCommerce 

Having an online eCommerce component is vital. Offering an option for guests to book their own appointments on their time, and purchase products such as gift certificates on demand will significantly impact your bottom line, in addition to expanding your sales reach without hiring more staff. Online eCommerce results in fewer reservation calls, less lines, and improved client experiences. 

Clearly online guest self-service is a must if any spa is to keep pace in an every-changing world, dominated by rapidly evolving customer demands and technology trends - your spas success depends on it.  

Data Security 

In order to protect your company and clients data from hackers and potential security breaches, your selected spa software must adhere with PCI standards, in addition to providing updates making sure your software always stays in compliance with other important security mandates. 

Moreover, the spa system itself should have comprehensive internal security capabilities - allowing you to control who can access and view critical business data, with user permission settings to ensure your company and client information is secure.   


Inventory Management  

What inventory do you have on hand to provide services with?
What items are best sellers in your retail area?
Do you need to order supplies?

This information needs to be readily available at all times to address your business needs. Understanding of how your retail inventory is moving is an essential profit-driver and can dramatically impact both customer satisfaction and staff compensation if not properly managed. 

Comprehensive Reporting    

Is there a reporting component that is able to produce numerous audit, sales, detailed guest and employee reports, in addition to providing accounting, payroll, and intricate revenue management analytics - all on demand? If you've answered no, or are thinking of selecting a software that doesn't provide this, then you need to rethink your decision; the success of your business depends on it.


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