Hospitality Trends You Need To Know About

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Hospitality Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends in technology is vital to any business today, especially those in the hospitality industry. Here are some of the latest trends that your business needs to take note of. 

Recognition Technology

We’ve all seen it and we all use it. You look at your phone and it picks up your eyes and face, recognizes you, and allows you access to your phone. It’s not only an important emerging tech in hospitality, but one of the more important ones in general.

There is fantastic potential for the hospitality industry to use this kind of technology in many different ways. Biometrics allows for seamless authentication, something that can be used from checking in to a hotel, all the way to confirming payments for room service. You could head over to the front desk, get your biometrics checked out and instantly be issued access to your room.

Being able to decide that you wanted to visit a spa is as easy as logging into the spa software, heading over there at your booking time and scanning your fingerprint. This could be used for smart systems reserving parking too, and upon arrival, you’d be able to head straight towards your designated bay, without having the need for a parking inventory to be managed.

Marriot China using facial recognition for check-in.

Alma Barcelona in Spain uses fingerprint scanning to unlock their guest room -

Internet of Things (IoT)

Having a smart TV inside your hotel room is something that could perhaps still be seen as a positive in some hotels, but in all honesty, this should be seen as a minimum. In fact, there are many more everyday objects that people could be using that make up the IoT.

Some of this is already being practiced in the hotel industry today with thermostats connected to the internet. They can automatically adjust temperature based on the weather, or open and close windows and blinds based on sunshine. This kind of technology can also be remotely controlled by your phone too. Smart devices can play an integral role in the world of hospitality and it’s something that all industries should be looking to push for.

Marriot’s Hotel of the Future -

 Virtual Reality

You’ve probably seen it at the websites of some of the hotels you’re looking to book, that there are 360-degree images. This is just the start because it allows users to check out their rooms in full, before they look to book. It could also give you fantastic insight into checking out the surrounding areas including tourist attractions and hotspots, so you’re not left with any nasty surprises when you finally book your trip.

Online Personas

Having your information stored and shared across the hospitality industry could also be vital. With the advent of cloud-based personal data protection across Europe and the rest of the world, this kind of data, while priceless, could also prove to be invaluable throughout the hospitality industry.

You could have specific wants and needs communicated throughout the industry and have things recommended to you based on your age, gender and preferences. Taking a holiday to some place specific that has a lot of offers could allow you to have recommendations based on previous holidays too. Trends can be identified which can then cater to the client, which would then also cater to the hotel.

The Verge recently authored an article about a hotel in China, partnering up with China’s biggest app, WeChat, which lets users book rooms, remotely check in and use their phones as key cards without requiring human assistance.

The Blockchain

Blockchain technology is one that is soon to shape the future of our world. It offers complete transparency while maintaining the highest levels of security. As soon as hospitality programs such as reward models and loyalty programs can take advantage of these, you’ll start seeing much for guest interaction and engagement.

What blockchain can do in a hospitality industry can effectively remove the middleman. You wouldn’t then need to have travel aggregate websites that recommend places to you at the cost to both customer and hotel. You could instantly book at lower rates and be offered advanced levels of security and peace of mind.

The TUI Group, the tourism and travel giant put up a video talking about blockchain in the hospitality industry and discusses it in a quick video, giving you a brief overview and talking about some of the use cases.

Employee-Focused Technology

It’s not only the guests that will benefit from technology solutions in hospitality, it’s the staff too. A lot of integration between systems and the opportunity to allow staff to do more with what they have will make for a far better experience on both sides of the coin. Staff security can be taken seriously and can be issued with panic buttons or alert systems on their tablets, allowing them to be triangulated wherever they are in the area. A technology that could also be implemented to guests at some point too.

Cloud-based software solutions will be able to eliminate the unnecessary tasks that employees need to do and rid them the frustrations of having the micromanage tasks. With something as simple as housekeeping, software will be able to provide a timeline of when your room can and will be cleaned, keeping everyone in the loop without frustrating guests, or without pushing the staff to be rushed.

Boston’s Nine Zero Hotel uses iris recognition for employees at the rear entrance to the penthouse -

It’s easy to be able to think of potential use cases across the entire hospitality industry and while some ideas would need some refining, it’s a shock that some haven’t been completely adopted already. If you’re still being issued keycards to enter your room and haven’t been able to use biometrics or your smartphone yet, you can be rest assured that this is something you might find yourself longing for in the future.

The truth is, while that’s definitely an industry standard right now, it’s not going to be one in the future. As more and more solutions are found to eliminate the day to day hassles for staff and guests, you might find that these changes happen sooner than you may think.

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