Is Your Spa's Data Safe and Secure?

Posted by SW Author on Sep 17, 2019 2:23:56 PM

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Data Security Functions and Focus

Using the right spa management software is important when focusing on your client because it’s your responsibility to take care of, and manager the data properly. This is why you need data security functions in place.

In addition to the spa management software being heavily secure and focused on privacy, the software should be enterprise suited. Meaning, that if you want to enact change about something on your spa site, you’ll want to be able to do it from a single, centralized database too.

Having weak security measures in place can lead to:

  • Loss of customer confidence
  • Loss of sales and income
  • Resolution costs
  • Penalties and fines for non-compliance
  • Decrease in visitors and bookings

Suited to Enterprise

The software that you use needs to be able to be accessed from one single database, but still able to communicate throughout multiple facilities and work sites. This is incredibly important should you have more than one spa location and having this kind of power at your disposal will save time and money for you and your employees when dealing with clients and customers.

Enterprise-capable software will ensure that every single one of your locations where you use the spa management software will have access to a single customer database. This database will have information about all of your clients and will be able to be shared. The importance to this is that no matter where your customers are, they can always be tracked through the system, which will include contact details, treatments, frequency, and hometown.

Not only can you get that kind of access to basic customer details, but you’ll allow for redemption of gift certificates for them and for new clients. With all of your information in one single place, you can not only keep track of it, but also ensure that it undergoes the same rigorous security methods.

It’s important to be able to keep that information secure in order to protect your customers. Should you have a breach at some point, it’s vital that you are seen to use software that likely prevents breaches. Something that people seldom understand is that security breaches do happen and there is no such software that is ever going to be 100% secure. A lot of previously ‘unbreakable’ software programs have been broken, but as long as you are taking the best steps possible to create a secure environment for everyone around you, you’re doing the best job you can do.

If you’re seen to not use the right kind of software, your clients will start to lose confidence in your ability to handle data, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in revenue. Not to mention the different types of penalties that could be imposed upon you as a business.

Keeping Things Secure

With great power comes great responsibility. This is true for your spa software too. With all of this information across multiple branches all over the country or world, you’re responsible for keeping the information and data secure.

This is why your spa management software needs to be safe and secure and most of all, promote an air of trust. Your spa software needs to adhere with GDPR and PCI standards as well as providing updates to ensure that your software is always compliant with security mandates.

There’s also the key of figuring out access within the software. While it’s obviously important to protect against potential security breaches and hackers, having internal securities is important too. You should be able to assign who controls what in the business, and who is able to access and view critical business data, in addition to having up to date information on all employees and their roles within the organization. Not only should that information be restricted for most, but you should be able to set permissions in the spa software to ensure that everything is as secure as possible. Keeping data safe and secure is not only imperative for your business but also for the safekeeping of your client’s confidential information.



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